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Introduce Yourself
  • jamisonjamison
    Posts: 100
    My name is Jamison, and I am currently building a tiny house for my family as a camping / Guest house for people that visit us. you can check out my blog on the project @ I expect to help people as well as have some questions of my own.

    Thanks for listening
  • n0klun0klu
    Posts: 10
    Hi Jamison, My name is Mike. I live in Rolla Missouri. I an in the design phase of my tiny house, while I save up the $$$ to start the build.
  • missourimarymissourimary
    Posts: 65
    I'm Mary. I have been considering a small house for several years, have moved into a 600 sq ft rental in the process of downsizing, and now am looking for land to build on in Missouri. I'm hoping to have a cabin built, around 300-400 sq ft. With a garage so I don't have to chisel the ice off the windshield anymore. :)
  • TinyRevolutionTinyRevolution
    Posts: 2
    Hello. Hello. Many of you are probably familiar with me as the founder of Tiny r(E)volution. Together with my wife and our daughter we are building a 240 sq.ft. tiny house/cottage in middle Georgia. You can find us all over the web but most centrally at . I look forward to being part of the conversations here. 
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    With regards,

    Andrew Odom
  • 1200r1200r
    Posts: 1
    looking forward to building ...right now learning and designing
  • NiallNiall
    Posts: 2
    Hey all!

    My name's Niall and I'm the designer for Humble Homes (which you may or may not know of - we're pretty underground in the SHM). I'm looking forward to discussing anything and everything related to small/tiny homes!


    MEng Structural Engineering with Architecture
  • jobrodesignjobrodesign
    Posts: 2
    My name is Josh Brown and I've been a tiny house "watcher" since at least 2007 when I stumbled onto the Tumbleweed website.  Its been amazing to see the movement really gain steam augmented, I think, by the housing/financial crisis at the end of 2007.  With a wife, 3 cats, and looking to start a family, I don't know that the tiniest houses will work for my life.  But the more I downsize, the happier I am and I am looking for ways to live small (1500 sqft or less for a family).  Doesn't mean im not REALLY jealous that my younger brother is building a modified Tarleton this summer!
  • dirtsailor2003dirtsailor2003
    Posts: 24

    My name is Case. We recently started a 8x12 studio in our backyard. More of and adult getaway. I work as a Design Associate with an architecture firm, I specialize in structural design. Our current house is 800 sqft, a bit cramped at times but very livable. Wit our new studio we will be incorporating more outdoor living area, firepit, hardscapes and eclectic outdoor art.
  • StinkbugStinkbug
    Posts: 7
    Hi, I'm Peg.  I've admired tiny houses for the last few years after having stumbled across the Tiny House Blog.  Now I'm starting to plan a small home of my own and am very much looking forward to the whole process.  It's a little scary but so exciting!
  • FarmCodeGaryFarmCodeGary
    Posts: 5
    Hi, I'm Gary. I work at a small non-profit vegetable farm and am in the early phases of tiny house construction (have trailer, gathering materials, fleshing out design).
  • SmallHouseBlissSmallHouseBliss
    Posts: 6
    Hi everybody,

    We are Frank and Mili. Together we blog about the design and planning of small houses at We are now planning our own 650 square foot home with construction set to start next summer.

    Thank you Jamison for setting up this forum.

  • aikidaveaikidave
    Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm Dave. I am building a shed in my backyard, based on the Sonoma Shanty tiny house design. I'm blogging about it here. Eventually I plan to build a tiny house and tow it to some rural land.
  • tinyhousetalktinyhousetalk
    Posts: 14
    Hi everyone I'm Alex. I live in a 450-square-foot apartment right now and run the website to help promote the idea of living simply in smaller spaces. Glad to be here and looking forward to getting to know all of you!
  • robinyates
    Posts: 2
    I now live in the Philippines, thinking of containers on aa steel frame to get above possible floods. Or Concrete 
  • MsDawn
    Posts: 1
    Hi, I am MsDawn a disabled single 50 yr old with a 23 yr old disabled nephew. We are living on our 6 acre homestead and run a pet rescue. I live in a 16x24 cabin. Johnny lives in a 10x10 cabin. We have 2 young homeless couples staying with us. We are collecting TONS of reclaimed lumber and nails by tearing down 3 houses to build 2 guest cabins, a barn and to rebuild a gutted 10x40 mobile home and a 32 ft gutted camper. Our goal is self sufficiency and small living community on our homestead with like minded folks. Thanks for having me
    cabin pic.JPG
    320 x 240 - 51K
  • carlajune
    Posts: 1
    Hello I am Carla. Not sure how to do this site. Have been researching tiny homes for a very long time. Now to point HAVE to find a trailer somehow to build one on. I am on chemotherapy and was informed by my employer that if cannot do 10 to 12 hours shifts he is going to let me go. MY doc put me on 8 hour shifts. So now with drugs from treatment , and drug test i DOUBT WHETHER i CAN FIND A JOB WHILE DOING TREATMENT. So if anyone can help me find trailer, I live in northwest Arkansas it would get me a plce to put my head
  • jamisonjamison
    Posts: 100
    Are you looking for a complete trailer or a base trailer to build on?
  • indi_anna
    Posts: 1

    Hi I'm lori and I'm hoping to be living in a tiny house with in 3 years, I bought an old mobile home and rented the lot from a farmer, hopefully within a couple of years I plan to replace the mobile home with a tiny house on wheels.



  • DisabledCyclistDisabledCyclist
    Posts: 29

    Hello,I'm Stephen. Have always loved seeing or hearing about small homes/simple living,but didn't know there was a "movement"-it never occured to me to Google the subject of small/tiny living/homes,LOL!

    As my username suggests,I'm disabled,I have 11 year old spinal injuries that forced me out of work 4 years ago. Currently,I'm married with 2 kids,but a series of really crappy luck starting last (year's) summer has only paused marrital issues and my wanting out after 20 years. That's kinda relivent,LOL,but I do tend to get distracted after the injuries in '01 (basically I hit my head hard enough due to a coworkers negligence/incompitence to break my neck in 2 places,and damaged most of the spine in the aftermath/process). I own property elsewhere,bought from my parents several years ago,just under 2 acres "out in the country"/coal fields of VA (the beginning of the "really crappy luck" was when it burned June 2011),and I recently bought (rto) a 12'x24' steel shed that I am planning to pay off and have moved to that location come tax refund season for me to live in primitively (my Grandparents live next door to that property ;) :p) as I by hand alone tear down and out that burned doublewide,salvaging/recycling/reusing/scrapping/selling what I can,disposing of what isn't usable,and then hoping to rebuild my dream cottage there (between 350-800sq ft,depending on if I'm single by then,have or don't have custody of my 2 kids,or if remarried to the woman I secretly love...drama drama drama,no? :p).


    I know absolutely nothing about any of this kind of work,so I sure hope to learn here,but I'm a good sort of fella too,if I can help someone in any way,don't hesitate to ask :)



  • caseyfridaycaseyfriday
    Posts: 23
    I'm Casey Friday.  If you've ever googled the Wonder Wash, you've likely seen my shiny head.

    My wife and I are moving into our Tiny House by the end of this year.  I've just finished the subfloor, and our end goal is to have it up and ready to live in by November 1, 2012.  Agressive goal?  Absolutely.


    As far as introducing myself: I went to school and got a BS in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Music.  EE and music - two things I love.  I've worked many jobs, from being a grocery store bagger, an insurance specialist (with USAA), an engineering intern at a research organization, an engineer with a DoD contractor, to my most current 'position', a web developer.

    I like building things.  I recently built an O2 headphone amp, and I'll probably throw a few more of them together in the future for resale on ebay.  I love SlickDeals, and I'm constantly buying/reselling things.  I love technology, and I'll be carrying that interest into our Tiny House design.  I develop websites for clients, and I love what I do.

    To follow the progress on our Tiny House and more, you can see my and my wife's websites:
    Me -
    My Wife -
  • Dale_DDale_D
    Posts: 63
    Hi there! My name is Dale, and I'm seriously thinking of tiny house living after my son graduates high school and goes on to college. Mobile is an option, if I go to 24' in length. But I have seen a few designs that are built on slabs that I really like, but then you have to pay taxes...

    I have lots of questions that I'll be posting!


  • DisabledCyclistDisabledCyclist
    Posts: 29
    Nice to meet the last two posters :)
  • Marzena
    Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    My name i Marzena and I live In Warsaw, Poland, and I'm not the owner of the small house. Yet.
    I live in the apartment that could qualify to the definition of small - it's only 430 sq feet big and still feels too big for me.

    As the Tiny House community practically does not exist in Poland at all and is really small when it comes to the whole Europe (or I just don't know where to look) I'm turning to the US one for the inspiration and read all I can about it.

    And now my small dream of actual seeing one of the tiny houses with my own eyes is close to fulfill - mid October I'm traveling to New York and having 15 days off to travel, which I'm planning to spend going down and up the East Coast. Therefore I'll be asking in this forum for the ideas where, going down from NY, I can see these lovely houses of yours and meet some of you to talk and share the experience.

    I hope you'll be willing to help me to get one step closer to my dream.
  • DisabledCyclistDisabledCyclist
    Posts: 29
    That's what we're all here for,my friend (I'm new and havein't built mine yet eiter,BTW),nice to meet you :)
  • AmericaOverland
    Posts: 4
    Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I'm interested in a Tiny House.  First, I have a long way to go before I can do anything like this.  I have to close out financial obligations during the next 12 months, and then see where I am at.  I have asked a construction/contractor friend to help me get involved in building my Tiny House.  Second, because I'm just a wage earner, I'm going to have to take this slowly, just like many people do outside the US; one brick at a time.

    I'm in Houston right now, and the next thing on my list is to google "tiny house communities" and see what the results are.  Otherwise, I'm limited to RV parks, and the one I like is kinda far out from my work.  I'm nervous about the commute required for this, as I live only 5-6 mi from my work now.
  • onecuponecup
    Posts: 34
    My name is Matt and I am in the Houston metro. My partner and I are in the beginning stages of small affordable living, and it's already become very exciting for both of us. Although it took a little bit to persuade her, it really didn't take much. We are pretty young and this just makes sense.

    Onecup Casa is my show and tell thread, enjoy!

  • AmericaOverland
    Posts: 4
    What exactly are you doing, Onecup?  Are you building a Tiny House Trailer?  Where do you intent to situate it?  I don't like the RV options we have here on the entire western half of Houston from the 610 line out to the west.  One park is in a very ugly area, and the owner is a nice guy, but in very bad health.  Cinco RV park is WAY out there north of Sugarland. 

    I forgot to mention that my apartment lease expires at end of Sept. next year.  I want out by then, if possible.
  • onecuponecup
    Posts: 34
    There is one nice RV park in Manvel (just south of Pearland) called  that has reasonable monthly rates, give that one a look. I have ridden my motorcycle around there and it is nice but don't confuse this for a recommendation.

    My gf and I are planning and saving for our tiny house on wheels. We want to start building summer 2013 but that's best case scenario. Some potential locations we are considering moving to are Taos NM, Portland OR, the Washington country as near as Spokane as possible, Colorado country is on the table, or anywhere interesting that potentially has work for us and/or a place to park our house. It's up in the air really. 
  • JerryJerry
    Posts: 56

    Hello everyone!  I'm Jerry from Las Vegas, and I'm in the planning/design stage of my tiny house on a 16' trailer.  I'm using Sketchup for the designs, and I highly recommend anyone interested in designing their own tiny house plans give it a try.  You can draw each piece of lumber individually (with copy and paste making it a breeze), allowing you to see how each part of the house fits together.  I'm sure it will save alot of time when I finally get around to making the cuts and nailing things together.  I've designed it with a full dormer at the loft end, and a very open floor plan to create as roomy an interior as possible.  I'm sure I will make lots of changes before I finish, but anyone interested can view the Sketchup files here:

    Thanks to everyone involved in the Tiny House Movement for sharing design ideas, suggestions, and personal insights!

  • onecuponecup
    Posts: 34
    Way to utilize SketchUp Jerry! I do some planning in AutoCAD but for the most part I just whip out my architectural scale and a stack of scratch paper. When do you plan on building? 
  • JerryJerry
    Posts: 56
    Thanks onecup!  I usually do design work in POVRAY, but recently found Sketchup, and it's much quicker.  Using Sketchup has already shown me at least a dozen things I wouldn't have known to be careful about, and I really like the ability to make groups and components to keep various portions of the design easy to work with when surrounded by other portions (ex: being able to pull the siding and sheathing away, make changes to the frame, then push the siding and sheathing back to their original spots and modify them around the framing changes, all without affecting other components).  

    I've already begun to purchase some of the framing materials, studs and other 2x4s, and plan on continuing to purchase basic materials as I find good deals on them till I'm ready to actually begin building.  I'm trying to decide if I will be building the trailer or purchasing one.  I plan on traveling a lot the first year, so I want the "foundation" of my tiny house to be as rock solid as possible.  I don't have much metal working experience beyond making small engine models (mostly Stirling engines), but I do have a couple of friends that are welders who I should be able to bribe with some beer and good food.  With luck, I'll begin construction in April or May 2013.  I will post as many pics/vids/details as possible along the way.
  • onecuponecup
    Posts: 34
    Hey Jerry you've inspired a , please add you experience when you get a chance.

    I've been buying stuff when I find good deals too. Here's a tip If you have an IKEA near by, call and see if they have a damaged product section. I just bought a finished wood and glass cabinet door 2'x2' for $5. I'll build a cabinet to match and install this finished door for purpose and aesthetics. They had lots of unbuilt or disassembled furniture that could be "picked" for components.
  • JerryJerry
    Posts: 56
    LOL, your cabinet door ties into a new topic I just posted.  Thanks for the tip on damaged goods at IKEA!
  • caseyfridaycaseyfriday
    Posts: 23
    So cool that there are some TX people here!  I'm currently building my tiny house in San Antonio.  I'm thinking about doing a tour of TX with the Pico House when it's done.  I'll definitely fill everyone in with details when it becomes more concrete!
  • Tilde
    Posts: 5
    Hi, my name is Tilde, 
    I live in a tiny country (Belgium), and I hope to one day have the money and build a tiny house. Since my studies ended half a year ago and I still didn't find a job, things will take some time :D
    So right now I'm learning and designing. (here: )
    Nice to meet you all!
  • sublimaresublimare
    Posts: 2
    Hi, my name is Juliet, I live in Georgia right now, and I hope to build a tiny home sometime in the next two years to live in full-time.
  • ReneeC
    Posts: 1

    Greetings All, My name is Renee. I hope to build a tiny house to be used on property I own in Davidson County Tennessee, 15 miles from Nashville, TN.

  • distinctivefeather
    Posts: 3
    My name is Remy and I live in southern California. I've weighed the pros and cons of building a tiny house, and honestly I can't think of any negatives! I am in college, so it will allow me to customize my own home to my needs, minimize rent (I plan to rent a piece of somebody's land, which will be cheaper than a room/apartment), and avoid roommates at all costs!

    I'm starting to brainstorm floor plans that would fit my needs. These include on/off grid options, bath tub, solar power, and a built in parrot cage for my parrot. I want the house to be simple but ornate, with high quality materials, many of which I plan to acquire salvaged. I am a big fan of Victorian (and earlier) architecture, so a tiny-house version would be amazing!
  • Peggysue
    Posts: 2
    We just brought home our trailer!  We are excited about building a workshop for our small farmer's market business.   we welcome advice and are looking for a good how to video or website.  Our trailer is from an old camper.  I believe the length is 18 feet.  We have demo-ed the camper and replaced the wheels to bring it to our house.  Now the build begins!
  • markajmarkaj
    Posts: 5

    Hello, I am Mark

         I have a very strong desire to build tiny, although if you have seen my first post in the What would fit me? thread, not too tiny, I live in SE Minnesota and have decided I don't want to do the loft thing, mostly because I am getting up there in years and just makes sense for me to stay on one level, I am currently working on the design and cost estimating, hoping to start building in short order, I currently live in a 440 sq. ft. apartment and it is still too big for me.

  • AndrewG
    Posts: 1
    I'm Andrew.

    My wife Beth and I are currently from Prince Edward Island (many other places before here...). 
    I'm a pilot; she's got her degree in outdoor leadership - but we're hoping that she'll be getting back into school next year for midwifery.

    Living in a tiny house is right in line with our ideals of mobility and economic use of space and resources. I've estimated that the money we'll save living in a tiny house vs renting a full apartment will completely pay for Beth's tuition over the next 5 years.

    We don't live in one yet, but we plan to start work on our tiny house some time this fall. We designed ours ourselves from scratch (got to love SketchUp!). Once the finishing touches are on it I'll make the file available publicly. Right now our first step is trying to find a trailer that will work for our design (or close enough to modify our design to fit it).
  • kayak_karl
    Posts: 3
    Been interested in building a small home for a while now. I backpacked
    half the Appalachian Trail in 2009 (Trail name "Kayak") and learned a lot about what I can
    live without. I'm a self-employed building contractor which will make
    the build part easy, but the off the grid utilities will be the
    challenge. Been educating myself on solar and appliances that will run
    off 12 volts. I will probably have a ton of questions

    Thank You,

  • tomvachon
    Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, My name is Tom and I am in the process of building a 320 sq ft house for my family in northern Maine. I  have decided to build this camp for our family to live in while we build our dream home and then use it for a guest house after that. We have 5 children who, for now , are verry excited to be helping building our tiny Home. I look foward to interacting with everyone here thanks.
  • Metrohippymom
    Posts: 1
    Hi everyone!  My name is Crystal, and I've had the "tiny house" fever for years now, since first seeing Jay Schaffer on Oprah.  The bug has come and gone, but I have now been infected by it so much, I've decided to make the dream a reality starting this upcoming Spring (after tax return :-)

    The kicker is that I'm a single mom with a 4 year old so I'm taking that into consideration with my design.  I'm currently loving the Ynez by Oregon Cottage Company.  

    As a single mom, being able to stay home and homeschool my kiddo, or at least only working while he's in public school is pretty much out of my reach.  But...if I had a tiny house, my bills would be reduced SUBSTANTIALLY.   I don't have the skills or much money, but I've decided next year, I'll make it happen! 

    Can't wait to learn and share with you all.  
  • KDOG
    Posts: 1
    Hello all another noob here. I'm just fascinated with the tiny house movement. I'm trying to decide whether I want to build a trailer home or a truck bed version. I have a 2011 Toyota Tacoma V6 4x4 double cab with a 6400 lb tow cap and 1280 payload capacity. For a truck bed version, it's a 5 foot bed with the tailgate up and a 6'8" with it down. And I could go about 6ft over the dual cab area. I'd like to keep that rustic traditional wood exterior look. But I don't want to overload the vehicle. Any way to keeping the construction light and not be cheapo on it either?
  • Robert
    Posts: 6
    Hi all! My name is Robert. I started building my tiny house last spring, and am now living in it. I absolutely love it! I wake up every morning to the sunrise creeping down the trees, see the sunset over Mt. Bachelor and thoroughly enjoy my time between. I'm a musician and inspiration strikes at the most inopportune times if you have roommates, so my own space is so enjoyable. Thanks so much for starting this forum to discuss Tiny Housing!
  • Wingtips
    Posts: 1
    Hello! My name is Matthew. I'm looking into buying a tiny house with my wife.