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18' house on 16' trailer
  • Hey y'all,

    We have a 16 foot trailer, but enough interior for an 18 foot house.

    It seems the two options are:

    A. Extend the trailer another 2 feet off the back.

    B. Overhang the house 2 feet off the back.

    Anyone have experience with either option?
  • I would say extend the trailer if you can, and also do a little in front and a little in back so you even it out a bit
  • all you need to do is preserve the balance of the trailer  if you move it back to much the trailer will swing around and try to drag you off the road

  • If you extend forward over the tongue of your trailer, be sure to allow space for the little bit the tongue flexes.  The bed of your trailer is designed to be pretty much rock solid, but the tongue is designed to have a bit of flex to allow for bumps and changes in ground direction when moving.

    Here's a really good set of articles by an engineering firm about trailers:
  • Thank you Jerry, I learned a lot from that link.
  • In case anyone encounters the same issue, here is what we did:

    For $300 a welder added three feet. Instead of adding on the back (and risking insufficient tongue weight), I had him chop it just ahead of the wheels and extend it with some heavy duty angle iron. He also added another crossmember to support the deck boards in the gap.

    Now it's time to build!
  • You can extend the house in the front and also in the rear up to 4 feet, provided that your trailer is strong and has axle strength to support the additional weight..  When I say add on I am talking about the upper half of the house can be extended.  In order to add on to the ground level in the rear you will have to lengthen the frame 2 to four feet, For an example go to You Tube and enter  Ragsdale Homes Tiny Homes On Wheels.   Our house has the most interior square footage of any tiny home on wheels ever built.  We are pushing the envelope on a 8 by 20 trailer with over 380 square feet.  Additionally, we are introducing our parent pending Room "Roll Outs. " These can be ordered for any house on wheels built or to be built.  Send me your e mail address and I will forward our Press Release. CHOW
  • Thanks for the info, Ragsdale, but we are just looking to get enough room for the bathroom. No need for roll outs.