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  • ben1257sbben1257sb
    Posts: 2
    Why are there not more arched roofs on tiny houses? they are stronger, use less material and offer more space than flat and pointy roofs. Are there any seasoned tiny house builders that could shed some light on this subject please?

  • ragsdaleragsdale
    Posts: 10
    No roof design offers more ceiling height than a flat roof with a very small pitch.  At Ragsdale Homes we use lightweight aluminum clad SIP panels which are self supporting plus the insulation factor is off the charts.  We use several single and multible roof designs.  The key to increasing square footage in a tiny house is not going up but out of the box.  At Ragsdale we have just introduced our patent pending Room " Roll Outs" which are the answer to adding space.  Our first home, built on a 8 by 20 trailer pushes the envelope at over 380 square feet, the most ever on a tiny house on a trailer.  You may view our home at You Tube Ragsdale Homes Tiny Homes On Wheels.  This is a short temporary file, however, next week we will present a 2 minute animation of the interior as well as the exterior.  Please forward your email and i will send you our Press Release, CHOW  Jay