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Steel Frame Welded to Trailer
  • ben1257sbben1257sb
    Posts: 2
    I will be building my tiny house in the coming spring 2014. One of my requirements is the house is strong enough to be very mobile. Camping, visiting family, touring the country etc... It will see many places. Anyway, I've been worried about a wooden house being moved around a lot so I am thinking about welding some steel posts the the trailer bed to give the house some structural stability. I understand weight will go up but do you think this is a good tradeoff for a house that will be moved around a lot?
  • ragsdaleragsdale
    Posts: 10
    Sounds good to me....There is a lot of twisting and movement with a Tiny House On Wheels moving down the highway.  Plus the added force of wind and a semi-truck passing you by.  You did not mention what type construction you are considering.  At Ragsdale Homes we use a hybrid construction combining  lightweight SIP construction, traditional stick construction, and our track tested steel cage and roll bar technology from the race car industry, adding strength when traveling down the road, as well as during severe weather conditions.  We reinforce our corners with custom steel angle.  Additionally, our home comes with at least two steel roll bars.  You may view our home on a temporary file at You Tube Ragsdale Homes Tiny Homes On Wheels.  Next week we will have a 2 minute presentation of the exterior and the interior.  Forward your email address and I will send you our Press Release. Thanks Jay  PS Forgot to mention our patent pending Room " Roll Outs." These can be ordered for a existing home or a future build chow