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  • August 14
  • July 20
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Getting around zoning - especially in the northeast
  • goingsmallgoingsmall
    Posts: 1
    Through the years I have seen so many great pictures and short movies about tiny houses.  I have seen little discussion about where to place them that does not involve moving far far away.  I don't have any friends with acreage where I could put it out of sight.  Unfortunately relocating requires too much sacrifice.  So my question to the forum is where do you park your house?  :)

  • maureenoreg
    Posts: 3
    This was on a tiny house blog today.  Have you thought about a tiny apartment?

    Maybe you're sold on the tiny house idea, but thought I'd share just in case.
  • Maggie
    Posts: 3
    I am building a tiny house and also looking for a place to park it. The problem is that in most cities they don't allow people to live within city limits in "RV's". They can't tax you for it. Plus they want to keep out junky mobile homes i think. But it affects us too. If your lucky enough to find a place in the city to put it you might only get to live in it temporarily there. Then again you might get lucky like Dee Williams and get to "recreate" and keep your house there. All city's are different though so you never know. I work for an Architect so I'm always looking at code stuff. I'm probably going to move mine to a land Co-op.