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August 2012
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December 2012
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  • Dale_D
    Hi Stephen! I have some questions for you as a cyclist. I'm about to go see a Giant Revive DX and could use some input. Pros: semi recumbent, fully adjustable seat, has a shock absorber, Shimano gears & derailer on the rear (7 speed), 500 watt hub motor installed w/LiOn battery - 20 mile range, new tires, I get to get outside more. Cons: Giant stopped production a few years ago (only made for 2 years), it's a bike and have back/knee trouble, the owner has it posted for $899 (bit is willing to negotiate). Seen video of ppl riding them & they look sweet, comfortable, and < stressful on the body. Hub motor is the real + for me. Need help getting up hills, & even though it's mostly flat where I live, we still have lots of small hills. Motor kit was $595 alone, & they paid $450 for the bike used ($1000+ origional price). Used $$'s range from $250 to $500, without electric assist. I think this is my only shot at being able to rid a bike again. Thoughts, opinions?
    September 2012
  • DisabledCyclist
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    August 2012